Getting Started Clinical Research with InterSystems

Clinical Research with InterSystems


InterSystems IRIS for Health™, a creative data management and interoperability platform specifically engineered to maximize value from healthcare data and automate workflows, now supports the research and open-source communities. Whether you are looking to improve research workflows or enhance performance outcomes, InterSystems IRIS for Health enables you to access and manage real-time data to unlock actionable insights.

The launch of InterSystems IRIS for Health platform for one of the world’s leading open-source clinical research tools, i2b2, closes interoperability gaps and enhances collaboration across the research community.

With support from InterSystems implementation partner Clinovera, a premier provider of software engineering, enablement, and digital transformation advisory services, InterSystems IRIS for Health will advance the capabilities of research data management within a single, modern, intuitive platform.

Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself!


Try i2b2 on InterSystems IRIS for Health



Try i2b2

i2b2 stands for informatics for integrating biology and the bedside. The goal is to improve precision medicine by making it easier to share data between healthcare providers and researchers. The i2b2 data standard plays a key role in this effort, allowing researchers the ability to store and analyze clinical data.

Try out the demo now

Here are some sample queries to try. Drag and drop within the query tool to construct the filters below so that they match the screen shots.

  1. Count patients with Dx Chronic obstructive diseases (490-496) and with severity: FATAL, Type I Hypersensitivity between two dates.
  2. Count patients getting Medications albuterol, fexofenadine, fluticasone nasal in special doses.


If you want to try out the software yourself, and know how to run Docker containers, you can get up and running in minutes. Download the GitHub repo and follow the simple instructions in the README. If you need help loading your own data, use the chatbot below to get in touch with us.

i2b2 on InterSystems IRIS GitHub

OMOP on InterSystems IRIS GitHub